A recount of the computerized world

How can we be assured that the computers cannot be hacked and votes manipulated by outside forces? Of the disputed ballots, some 2, had dimples for Mr Gore, while 1, had similar marks for Mr Bush. Make a tax-deductible contribution now. And to your point previously about not tying a cast ballot to the individual, surely with all of your experience you would know a simple flag in their record to indicate bar code XYZ "had voted" vs.

Computational biologist Josh Mitteldorf has lived in Mt Airy since But since the Help America Vote Act ofvote counting equipment has been computerized across the country, and it is now possible to steal votes wholesale, thousands of votes at a time with a few mouse clicks.

You will find it already at numerous places. I take everything I read into consideration but don't expect that everything can get an answer. I think what people must insist on to ensure the integrity of the election process is that their votes are actually counted.

We are being asked to accept on faith this linchpin in the mechanism of our democracy. We learned a lot on the Republican side, and I think the Romney campaign is much better prepared this time.

The roughly five months it took to seat a government after the last nationwide parliamentary elections in December was when sectarian fighting spread across the country. Please do not post links or promotional material. With the punch card or a written ballot, you could hold them.

As part of that process, you should be issued a bar coded voter ID that is mapped to a database. The election commission said it would release percent of the results on Friday,nearly three weeks after the election. After that,the commission reviews any additional complaints and then the Supreme Court must ratify the results,a process that could take weeks.

Recounts Are Only as Good as They Are Allowed to Be

I wondered, what is there to recount? Some computer experts have pointed out that the problem is deeper than this.

Calls grow for recount of U.S. vote amid concerns about Russian hacking

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When was the last time you handed money to a casher or signed a credit card purchase and did not receive a receipt? But this is nonsense. We want to keep our journalism open and accessible and be able to keep providing you with news and analyses from the frontlines of Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

Jonathan Simon is Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring observable vote counting in electoral integrity.

Observers were skeptical about whether worries about voting fraud were fueling demands for a recount. Backers of DRE systems have also tried to confuse the debate by suggesting that voter-verified paper ballots would exclude disabled voters. I suspect there are several other arguments against such a system, for example, who will develop it and who is going to pay for it?

I have a question about DPS When you go to your polling location, you scan it, it looks up to make sure you're voting in the correct locale and it provides your ballot on the screen.

On Election Day, most voters use electronic or optical-scan ballots

DOD has actively sought ways to introduce this automation into weapon systems … Yet this growing dependence on software and IT comes at a price. You missed the point: Let's face it, we tout ourselves as the greatest democracy on earth but almost every two years, we look like idiots.

The Carter Center monitors elections in democracies around the world, and reports on the integrity of their process. The first survey, conducted on behalf of the Washington Post, shows that Mr Gore had a nearly three-to-one majority among 56, Florida voters whose November 7 ballot papers were discounted because they contained more than one punched hole.To them, the recount was a sort of real-world, live-wire experiment.

“This wasn’t about sowing doubts or pushing for any particular outcome,” Halderman says. “It was about proving.

Bolton: We’re prepared for election recount

The same reasoning applies to the digital world: we can conduct electronic transactions with an acceptable degree of security and risk. In the same light, we can safely vote, count, and declare winners in electronic elections before malicious people can corrupt the system.

Lawyers for Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop are expected in court Tuesday to demand a complete recount of last week's vote in Long Island's first district, according to a Bishop campaign.

O'Leary says a recount would clear a 'cloud' hanging over the Tory leadership election after questions arose about discrepancies in the number of votes counted.

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In a recent cybersecurity test aimed at determining the resiliency of major weapons systems developed by the Pentagon, “testers playing the role of adversary were able to take control of systems.

A recount of the computerized world
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