Role of youth in peace building

One of such integrative approach, is schematically portrayed in Figure 1.

The Role of The Youth In Peacebuilding ln Our Society

Most violent activities, ranging from armed robbery, cultism, rape, street fighting, electoral violence, to violence during crises moments in Nigeria are being perpetrated by youths. Development and implementation of action plans based on state and national policy, should be supported by setting up a District Youth Peace Development Fund.

This is the main reason why youth empowerment programs do not become sustainable. Peace education should focus on development of skills, attitudes, and knowledge with cooperative and participatory learning methods and environment of tolerance, care, and respect. Describes the most generalized perspectives on the role of youth in conflicts, based on a short review of existing literature.

Click here to check out their toolkit of ideas! This would consequently enable the development of sustainable peace and security in societies. State or provincial level assemblies.


Many have direct experience of violence, conflict and imprisonment themselves. For preserving peace, youth must play a decisive role.

Youth should realize that they should not wait for the inheritance of the world; they must realize they have already inherited the world while entering into the golden age.

Empowerment: Children & Youth: Children, Youth & Peacebuilding Processes

Peace development education should be part of the national education policy. This uncontrollable scenario of impacts will come from globalization and ICT violence if effective efforts for youth development are not initiated urgently.

Here again it is the youth who has time and again come forward to take the leadership, but it requires sustained efforts and unflinching faith in oneself. The world today is passing through an environment full of tensions, violence, declining values, injustice, reduced tolerance and respect for human rights.

This program should also help them to perceive situations programs and complexities from a world view with its different values, beliefs, attitudes and aspirations, and from there develop effective skills to communicate and to coordinate their inter-personal understanding across various barriers.

For children and youth, the family must be perceived as a place of assured safety, close relationship, of mutual concern, and a unit of active participation in village and community activities.

Promoting Peacebuilding Participation: African youth as peacebuilders – a viewpoint

Peacebuilding includes building legal and human rights institutions as well as fair and effective governance and dispute resolution processes and systems.

We are not expenses; we are investments. Peacebuilding involves a full range of approaches, processes, and stages needed for transformation toward more sustainable, peaceful relationships and governance modes and structures.Youth will be part of the future local development and assume important roles in the resolution of conflicts within their communities.

Thus building their capacity as peacebuilding actors is key to strengthen democratic governance and solve problems at the local and national levels.

Empowerment: Children & Youth: Children, Youth & Peacebuilding Processes. Print View The protection of childrens needs and rights in armed conflicts; The roles of children & youth in conflict that they can play a positive role in building peace." 52; Go to.

The youth in conflict research focuses predominantly on young men, suggesting that a large proportion of male youth will increase the likelihood of instability but does not consider the youth population’s role in building peace.

Promoting Peacebuilding Participation: African youth as peacebuilders – a viewpoint There is a range of literature on the role of young people in conflict situations, most focusing on young people as violent by nature rather than as a product of their communities. The positive role that youth play in building peace and transforming conflict must be recognised.

This recognition needs to take into account the interrelationship between social justice, sustainable development, human rights and peace as pervasive in the daily lives of the world’s. the role of youth is very the youths get in to right direction to make their country in to peaceful country,then the whole world will feel the if they are mislead or poisoned their mind with hatred towards one another in religuos,cultural matters,then it will turn in to a has happend through out in the a proper education from the right people is a that happend the .

Role of youth in peace building
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