Sales strategy of airtel

Be in a context relevant to the customer. As far as allocation of time Sales strategy of airtel financial resources are concerned, too many companies mistakenly allocate a disproportionate amount on mere advertising and promotion. Sachdev and his team realized that in a business in which customer relationships were the core this could be a major weakness.

Who are you; how do you like to work; what is your predominant interpersonal style; how do you best collect information. Even if the actual sales force works on strict commission, there must also be brand awareness to build funnels and credibility.

It also setup merchandising exercises around the scheme — like a special portal for young people to buy things or bid for goods.

How Airtel investment strategy and spectrum help in taking on Jio

The overall Teledensity has increased to How could Bharti leverage this leadership position down the value chain? Team and Stakeholder Engagement. It was trying to cover all segments of the population -from the tech-savvy youth population who coveted the latest value-added services VAS to the Bottom of the Pyramid BoP segment who would be satisfied with a low-cost offering.

This can be the beginning of a virtuous cycle wherein brand equity continues to increase as the enterprise sustains delivery of an appropriate product or service at an ever increasing value. This enabled it to become profitable despite the Indian telecom market having the lowest tariffs in the world.

The minimum effective charges for local calls have fallen considerably in recent months especially for cellular service.

In this process, review of merchandising and stock availability is also done. So listen actively by giving the speaker confirmation that you are hearing, through flashes of confirming words or by nodding your head, leaning forward and above all by eye contact.

Vision "As we spread wings to expand our capabilities and explore new horizons, the fundamental focus remains unchanged: First, they are easier to obtain and convenient to use.

Perceives interrelationships between variables, deciphers cause and effect relationships and anticipates consequences of actions.

Despite the official name being Vodafone Essar, its products aresimply branded Vodafone. As the entrepreneur, chances are high that you will be doing most of the selling. We want to be empathetic. In earlyBAL, which still dominated the Indian telecom market and was the world's tenth largest telecom company, was also readying itself to replicate its success story in some other emerging markets.

The indirect methods include: Not only should a business set a budget for marketing and sales, it also needs to keep track of the metrics of success. Successful candidate will be responsible for achieving desired revenue from bill payment transactions across the operating countries, bulk payment transactions, business to business transactions and advanced services transactions.

Later Grameen phone got the license in and started its journey on 26th March The time stipulated for the project to be completed is less and thus there are chances that some information might have been left out, however due care is taken to include all the relevant information needed.

Apart from improving the convenience of recharging, mobile operators are beefing up their distribution channels. If any deficiency is found in MNP APEF, the same should be communicated to backend at distributor so that corrective measures could be taken to avoid problem to customer as it spreads bad word of mouth.

Work at a personal appreciation. The other experiment that Bharti has worked on is to go in for product segmentation through the Tango brand name.Check out Sales Manager profiles at Airtel, job listings & salaries. Review & learn skills to be a Sales Manager. Airtel Strategic Analysis 1.

Presented By:SakshiMuskanDimpleSanjeev 2. Bharti Airtel Limited commonly known as Airtel is an Indianmultinational telecommunication Services company Headquarter at NewDelhi, India. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa and the ChannelIslands.

A sales strategy is a company's plan to build its brand to generate sales and increase revenues. Businesses in today's digital environment have many avenues available for marketing and sales.

I am currently working as National Sales Strategy manager, Airtel DTH; looking after the aspects of - Partner Viability, New Partner Creation, Distribution roadmap design and automation of sales ecosystem.

Startup Sales Strategy

I am the program manager for PRAGATI - the partner profitability initiative, it is a structured incentive plan to help maximum number of. Promotion in the Marketing mix of Airtel Airtel engages in aggressive marketing strategy ranging from traditional print media to social network marketing.

However, the company’s recent rebranding efforts bombed in the market and were not received positively. View Patrick Lwango’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

In line with overall company strategy, achieve sales and distribution targets by designing, setting, deploying and leading an highly performing distribution structure and channel Airtel Money Launch in Kisangani and Bunia (+ surrounding cities): pre Title: Head of sales and Distribution at .

Sales strategy of airtel
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