Sexual affronts and racial frontiers french

Conclusion Mixed-race sexual relations [especially women] posed a threat because they blurred the sharp distinction between citizens and subjects on which the colonial order rested. By exploring the intersection between sexuality, race and class in the colonial context through a cinematographic representation, we hope we have provided with a solid insight on the matters raised by Stoler on Racial Frontiers, Colonial Identities and the place of desire.

They capture what overseas stood for in the minds of French spectators—tropical, exotic places: Ann Stoler argues that a French education for colonial children fortified colonial boundaries and reproduced the nation.

There, Eurasian children would develop physically, learn to cultivate the land, and attend French schools.

Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers French Indochina and the Lover Paper

At the end of the course we will consider whether tourism and development are neo-colonial processes and whether there are similarities between contemporary globalization and nineteenth-century colonialism.

Although the course focuses largely on European and American colonialism, there are parallel processes in Asia, particularly with the Japanese colonization of Korea.

Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers

Constructions of racial difference, in turn promotes or restricts particular reproductive relationships. As well as covering the main concerns of past and recent theoretical debates it provides a glimpse of relatively new areas of interest that are likely to attract more attention in years to come.

These Eurasian children would eventually take over the adminis- trative positions formerly held by the French, thus ensuring that the colony would never again lack for white French administrators.

Edited by Patrick Williams and Laura Chrisman. Theories of Race and Racism sets the standard for teaching texts in the field. Chapters 5 - 9.

Annual Review of Sociology. Moreover, because most abandoned Eurasian children were born out of wedlock, such statistics would not be too helpful in any case.

Jewish Lunatics and Nineteenth-Century Germany. Strange Fits of Passion: She is sent to a Saigon boarding school, and on her trip meets Tony Leung; a year old wealthy Indochinese man of Chinese origins. This moral bourgeois code, represented in the film, is politically defended and implemented in everyday life, it presents prescriptions for both, bourgeois [the lower-class Whites] and natives.

This pol- icy reflected a shift in French racial categorization that occurred in the colony during the late s. Eugen Weber, Peasants into Frenchmen: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide.

In the colony, the law was modified to state that anyone born in Indochina of two unknown parents would like- wise be considered legally French.

This option does not replace the comparative presentations. It was planned as a city for French civilians, civil servants, and military personnel. Eric Jennings, Vichy in the Tropics: The capital-to-be was intended to be a pre- dominantly white city inhabited by European administrators, yet the colonial government could not recruit an adequate number of white inhabitants.

Psychologie de la Colonisation. We will discuss theories developed to account for these encounters and the changes they wrought ranging from acculturation theory to dependency theory to postcolonial theory. The belief that Indochina lacked a sufficient number of white colonists was rooted in nineteenth-century metropolitan natalism.

She comes from a troubled family. Their weakness became their strength, a strategy to protect the purity of their culture. Travel Writing and Transculturation. Specifically, he unveiled a plan to divide the Eurasian population into two categories: With this second edition, leading British sociologists Solomos and Back deliver one of the best collections of papers ever published on the issue.

Migrants and the State in the Highlands of Vietnam Honolulu: It appears that her family would not approve of an interracial tryst. They were seen as less capable men [in the context of Indochina], both sexually and socially. Other mothers went into hiding when they heard Aumont was seeking their children.Stoler, A.

“Sexual Affronts and racial frontiers: European Identities and the Cultural Politics of Exclusion in Colonial Southeast Asia.” Tensions of Empire: Colonial cultures in a bourgeois world.

Society for Comparative Studies in Society and History Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers: European Identities and the Cultural Politics of Exclusion in Colonial Southeast Asia Author(s): Ann Stoler French, British, and Dutch colonial racial policy and the particular national.

bloods") in French Indochina at the turn of the century. It is a story whose multiple versions are about people whose cultural willeyshandmadecandy.comlities, physical being, and political "Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers: National Identity, 'Mixed.

Interracial Essay. Interracial Relationships Sex and Marriage Essay. Our life experiences are shaped by interaction with other cultures and social groups such a race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and so on (Orbe, Harris 12). Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers French Indochina and the Lover; Family Story; Race, Class, and Culture.

Title: Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers: European Identities and the Cultural Politics of Exclusion in Colonial Southeast Asia Created Date. Ann Laura Stoler, "Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers: European Identities and the Cultural Politics of Exclusion in Colonial Southeast Asia," in Frederick Cooper and Ann Laura Stoler, eds., Tensions of Empire: Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World (Berkeley: University of California Press, ).

Sexual affronts and racial frontiers french
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